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Not Your Basic Bachelorette!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Every bride to be (rather they voice it or not) wants their bachelorette to check off all the boxes on what’s expected from this weekend (bubbly, adult games and festive uniforms). And as a close friend (in my case a cousin) we want exactly that for the bride but we also don’t want to experience extreme deja-vu from past bachelorette’s activities and go to “yet another weekend in Vegas”

When I got the invite to attend a Stagette in the Rocky Mountains I was pleasantly surprised that I would be going somewhere on my bucket list and would be able to incorporate the best of partying and getting active. Although what happens at a bachelorette, stays at the bachelorette I couldn’t help but share our weekend so that others can take advantage of the perfect girls weekend.

Location: Canmore, Alberta

Canmore is a quick 20 minutes from Banff and is located on the outskirts of Kananaskis Country which IMO has some of the most scenic mountain scapes in Alberta. With it being out of Banff costs are lower and you’ll find yourself around more locals than tourists.

And this is why our weekend became more active:

Barre class? You got it. We attended a barre class right in the middle of our weekend and it couldn’t have been more perfect. With lots of social activities in the mix we were losing steam and losing it quick. Although the obvious solution would be a little R&R it wasn’t sleep we were deprived from, it was those extra cals we were working with.

We arrived at WildHeart studio, which was perfectly located on the main street in Canmore. The studio’s staff were immediately on the same page as us when we walked in because they were very quick to show us where the lemon water was but also eager to hear what other plans we had for our weekend and how they were going to help us get back on the bachelorette train. This also scored us some suggests since they are all long time locals in the area.

To our surprise the barre instructor kept to the spirit of a girls weekend going by pumping all the classics and pushing the intensity and moves to the vibe of a Beyonce music video. The class was hard but as hard as you wanted it to be. Everything had modifications and opportunity to take a break. We finished sweaty and out of breath but in the awakening way not the “I’m going to be soo tired after that” way.

Following the class our instructor encouraged us to grab some photos which was great because these were the kind of photos you “can” show from a bachelorette weekend.

Slowly our group was sneaking downstairs to check out the merchandise we skimmed by on our way in. They were stocked with some of lululemon’s latest and had some of the cutest branded studio wear I’d ever seen, like the kind that you don’t just wear to bed.

It wasn’t till we left the studio that we realized we were leaving in such a better head space. We were all ready to shower and get ready for a night of more bubbly and well, basic bachelorette things. - Taylor

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