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Wondering what Barre is all about?

WildHeart's incredible full-body, yoga and ballet fusion style workout will give you everything your mind and body are craving. Trust us and come give it a try!

WildHeart group barre class

Join the WildHeart Community and Unleash Your Potential

Low impact, high fun is what we aim for with our barre classes and this benefits you in so many ways! 

The blend of ballet, yoga, Pilates all choreographed to amazing playlists allows any one to join in the fun and walk away stronger, more flexible and happier!

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Which class is right for me?

All of our classes are designed for every body to enjoy, throughout each class the instructors offer alternatives to use lower weights, lessen impact, decrease repititions, and take a break. The program is adaptable to scale up the heat or dial back the sweat. Check with your instructor when you arrive to share where there might be opportunities for you to pivot. 

We do run regular Barre Basics and Barre Beginner classes as well that can be a great place to begin your journey or sit in on for a refresher. 

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What to bring, what to wear, and when to show up?

Our barre classes are choreographed to music and while they are low impact they do tend to be high sweat, so wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in and wear layers so that you can uncover if you get too warm.


Bring a water bottle, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated in general but especially when you are rocking out one of our barre classes (don't worry, if you forget yours you can always support local and buy one of our killer designed, custom bottles for sale in our retail shop!).


Our instructors pride themselves on personal connection and community - they will be there to check you in for your class and set you up with everything you need. If you can pre-register via our booking software beforehand it means the waiver and payment will be sorted and you and the instructor can focus on the fun stuff! Someone will be in the studio 15 minutes before and after each scheduled class. 

We have yoga mats, weights, bands, small sweat towels, most everything that you will need, all complimentary, so feel free to come as you are bringing just your smile and good vibes. 

Still have questions - we can't wait to answer them!

Please reach out with anything that is coming up for you and our team will get you the answers you need ASAP. 

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