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Group fitness yoga class with Carolyn instructor


We’re just going to say it: corporate wellness is a little bit…stuffy. Corporate wellness can mean anything from standing desks and ergonomic chairs to lunchtime yoga or staff events. The problem is, it rarely allows team members to actually disconnect from their stressors and work on their, you know, wellness. So, in the spirit of wellness, we’d like to offer you a little something special that isn’t your grandmother's corporate wellness package. 

We are WildHeart, a Yoga, Barre, and Wellness studio located in the heart of the Rockies on Main Street, Canmore. We’d like to work with you to ask your team what their unique needs are, rather than assuming on their behalf. No team is the same, therefore none of our corporate wellness events or offerings are the same either. We’re here for you! You can either get your team together for a memorable workshop, event, or session at our location, or we can create a package that allows your team to visit our regular classes paid for by you. 

How our Corporate Programs work:

- Leaders/managers/owners purchase passes for their team to use at their convenience, allowing their team to visit any of our regularly scheduled classes. We can offer discounts off our regular-priced packages purchased by management or create in-kind discounts for our respective teams

- Book a one-off event that brings your team together for a private yoga or barre class. Curated to meet your specific needs and desired results. 

email hello@wildheartcanmore to discuss options

Why our Corporate Programs work:

- Leaders/managers/owners support the overall mental & physical health of their employees leading to better happiness and wellness for their teams

- Wellness offerings can increase the overall compensation package offered which can increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover

- Because it is the right thing to do and our community members all benefit

email to discuss options


email hello@wildheartcanmore to discuss options


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How does that sound? Get in touch with us so we can help you grow work culture, employee engagement, workplace wellbeing, and connection among your team. Tell us about your team, your needs, and what a successful corporate wellness program would achieve for you!

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