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Bravo, well done and thank you.  I’ve been doing WildHeart's classes both barre and yoga for the past several days.


Love all the variety, good visuals and sound, excellent instruction.  It’s a life saver.


This morning I did a 30 minute workout, 20 minute legs with chair, and 10 minute stretch with you.  So good to see your smile and hear your voice.

I first saw WildHeart studio on one of my many trips to Canmore. Everything about the studio seemed to call my wild heart but I live in Calgary. So, taking a class in studio wasn’t really an option. 

I had never felt any of the Calgary studio's call to me the way that WildHeart Canmore did. Then one day during the pandemic and quarantine WildHeart popped up on my Instagram…I hit the follow! The best part is I saw they offered an online studio - I followed the nudge of my heart and subscribed.


The variety of classes offered, new releases every Monday and supporting these local beauties had me inspired. I cannot say enough about this studio and how being back on the mat has helped me challenge myself physically and mentally. So much gratitude! 

 I just wanted to send a quick note to say how grateful I feel that you are offering such a wonderful online studio experience.


The quality of the video classes is excellent, the monthly membership is so affordable, and there is a great variety of yoga intensity.


I even summoned up the nerve to try out barre; it’s tough, but I love it! 

WildHeart Online is great for anyone and everyone of all levels and skills. As you can sweat and practice at home, there's only one way but up!

There are so many options to choose from sweaty cardio barre to calming yin yoga classes. Short classes of 10 minutes or longer ones up to 60 minutes. Many alternatives on movements are given and if you have no equipment no problem! You can do the classes without or use things like towels, books or even cans of coconut milk to replace straps, blocks or weights. 

For me, WildHeart online has been a saviour both physically as well as mentally. I get my sweat or calm on everyday! I highly, highly recommend you give it a try!


Anne, Canmore

Ashlee, Calgary

Maggie, Edmonton

Allison, Canada

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