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Barre Instructor named Eira in yoga pose

Yoga & Barre Studio

In the heart of Canmore offering Yoga and Barre classes in-person or online with our Online Studio! Sign up today and start your fitness journey with WildHeart Shop & Studio.


The Wild Bride

The Wild Bride is an exceptional bachelorette service nestled in the picturesque town of Canmore, Alberta, offering an unforgettable blend of fitness and celebration. Tailored for brides and their entourage seeking a distinctive experience, The Wild Bride invites participants to indulge in either invigorating Barre classes or rejuvenating Yoga sessions. Against the magnificent backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, this service crafts a perfect fusion of wellness and joy, ensuring the bride and her tribe are treated to a memorable experience in celebration of the pending big day.

Our In-Person Yoga Classes

All of our yoga classes are designed for all levels, our teachers will always provide modifications for all types of practitioners. New to yoga, or experienced, we have something for you!

WildHeart barre & yoga studio owner and instrucotrs

Our Story

Opened in 2017, with a mission of helping people achieve their fitness goals while being part of their community. With over 15 instructors we offer a unparalleled variety of classes for you to explore. 

Our Online Classes

Visit our Online Studio and custom WildHeart App available for all Apple & Android users.
WildHeart Online features over 300 Yoga & Barre classes on demand and new content added every week.
5 minute - 60 minute videos perfect for any schedule!

Only $24.99/month or $199 annual

Explore the Collection

Welcome to our online store! Browse our collection of high-quality products and find the perfect item for you.


WildHeart hosted a group of 10 of us beginning of July for a private class to celebrate my bachelorette! Our instructor (unfortunately cannot remember her name) was phenomenal and adapted the class for those who had never done yoga before. Highly recommend!

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