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Summer Challenge!

The WildHeart Summer Challenge: Here’s What You Need To Know #followyourwildheart

If you’re ready to follow your WildHeart right into summer 2019, we want to share the experience! We appreciate each of you so much and we are eternally grateful to dwell in this outstanding community, so let’s celebrate who and where we are by coming together to sweat & socialize during these longer, warmer summer days. Our summer challenge kicks off on July 1st and runs until the end of August. We’re selling passes for the entire challenge to non-members for only $200.00, so get them while they’re hot!! Apart from great savings, there are a ton of benefits to hopping on the summer challenge bandwagon. Let’s talk about ‘em!

1. Just Here For The SWAG

If you’re in it for the SWAG or if the SWAG is just a little bonus, don’t worry, we’ll hook you up! In addition to a discounted membership, we’ve got a present for everyone when they hit the 30-class mark. That present will include a free juice from our friends at Toniq and the tuja wellness 21-Day Eat Clean Challenge for only $5 (regularly $15) with our special download code. The challenge includes a massive e-book filled with shopping lists, recipes, and so much more.

2. Routine Or Bust

Summer has a beautiful way of throw making us abandon our hard-earned daily routines. When the sun comes out, BBQs and beers seem to take precedence over all else. Challenges such as this help incentivize sticking to that movement routine and keep you accountable along the way. Priorities tend to shift seasonally, and that’s totally okay, but a little bit of encouragement never hurt anybody!

3. Cross Train To Remain Sane

Cross training is the key to success in most athletic endeavors. Only practicing one form of exercise can be pretty harmful on your body and may even prevent you from improvement as you need to work your entire body to excel in any area. If you’ve got hefty biking, climbing, hiking, running, or any outdoor goals this summer, why not couple that sport with some yoga or barre to compliment? Trust us, your body will thank you.


The wonderful thing about entering a challenge is that you are also entering a community of others who are all pushing for one common goal while simultaneously working on countless personal goals. Seeing the individuals around you crush their goals breeds inspiration and motivation beyond compare. Join a multi-faceted community of diverse folks who are all excited to sweat the summer away at WildHeart. We don’t go a day without smiling about all the lovely people that come through our doors. We could shout from the rooftops about this vibrant little community, and we want you to be part of it!

5. Smokey Days Ahead

It’s tragic, but it’s true. It looks like we’re headed for another smoke-filled summer in the Bow Valley and, though we’d all love to play outside as much as possible, it’s not always the best for our lungs. If only to have an indoor alternative on the haziest of days, we’re here for you.

6. Windup celebration!

Challenge members will be invited to our special roundup celebration. More info to come (though we can promise it will be a sweaty one).

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