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Over Yonder Collection

Over Yonder is a new capsule collection by WildHeart designed by Luke Sudermann. The collection includes two t-shirts, hoodies, and tanks. Each of which, we might add, are cute & comfortable for your wearing pleasure.

Over Yonder came about as a tribute to our home here in the Valley. We’re proud of where we are and where we came from. Canmore, and even just WildHeart, is a community filled with diverse, vibrant people that come from rich and colourful backgrounds. Everyone’s story is unique, special, and so very wonderful.

For some who dwell here, this is home. For others, home is far away. Home is a place, a feeling, or even a moment. So, to celebrate home and community in all of its many forms, we’ve launched Over Yonder. Over Yonder is anywhere you are, and so is home.

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